At the heart of “The Aurora Order: Secret of the Shroud” lies a premise that breaks traditional fantasy tropes.

BYU-Idaho art and film student and author, Gable Holyoak, brings to life a reality where fairy and human worlds remain oblivious to each other’s existence. The story features three characters — Lin, June and Alstar — who reveal the truth behind the Shroud, and the divine Aurora Order that guards it.

The book was self-published on May 29 and has an Amazon rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

“It’s a fantasy story unlike any that has existed, because it weaves so many different kinds of themes and a lot of different aspects into it,” Holyoak said.

One of the main themes of this book is people choosing to be good even when life gets hard. Holyoak highlights this concept through one of the main characters who has Aspergers.

Gable Holyoak, author of

Gable Holyoak, author of The Aurora Order: Secret of the Shroud Photo credit: Gable Holyoak

“Everyone struggles with something in some way, and this book is mainly about not letting struggle so much define you as much as push you to become something better,” Holyoak said.

Along with the wholesome messages the story communicates, Holyoak described the book as fun because of the humor included and the creativity behind the intricate plot.

“In the end, it’s just a book that’s a lot about emotion, and a lot about pain and a lot about how sorrow eventually shapes us into who we need to become,” Holyoak said. “We shouldn’t hide from who we are.”

Holyoak’s love for storytelling lies within his love for sharing truth “in a way that people will be open to accepting.”

Holyoak encouraged aspiring authors at BYU-I to put in the work to accomplish their goals as a writer.

“I’m more than willing to meet with other people who are writers on campus or who maybe have a dream of publishing,” Holyoak said. “I just want to try to gain those connections and meet people who maybe want to share good stories in the world because the world needs good stories.”

Holyoak’s storytelling does not end here. Currently, Holyoak is working the next books, with the goal to make this series a trilogy.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon