Students, faculty and members of the community gathered on Tuesday for the inauguration of Alvin F. Meredith III, the 18th president of BYU-Idaho.

After the inauguration, student reporters from BYU-Idaho Radio and Scroll spoke to students and people on campus to get their reactions to the historic event.

“Immediately ​I ​could ​see ​President ​Meredith’s ​light,” said Dallin Scott, a senior ​studying computer ​information ​technology. “That ​is ​by ​far ​one ​of ​his ​most ​distinguishing ​characteristics, his ​light ​and ​his ​smile. ​And ​so ​it ​was ​amazing ​to ​me ​just ​to ​see ​that ​enthusiasm ​for ​life ​and ​that ​vibrance ​in ​his ​eyes ​and ​in ​his ​smile.”

Scott also shared his admiration for President Meredith’s demonstration of love for his wife, Sister Jennifer Meredith, during the event.

“One ​of ​my ​favorite ​parts ​was ​when ​he ​gave ​his ​wife ​a ​kiss, ​and ​then, ​because ​it ​wasn’t ​good ​enough, ​he ​went ​back ​and ​he ​did ​it ​right,” Scott said.

In The Crossroads, Jared Austin, a sophomore studying business and communication, shared his favorite part of President Meredith’s address during the inauguration.

“​I ​thought ​it ​was ​awesome ​the ​way ​that he ​ended ​his ​remarks ​when ​he ​pledged ​to ​honor ​the ​charge ​that ​he’d ​been ​given,” Austin said, “​to ​make ​sure ​that ​he ​followed ​through ​on ​helping ​us ​to ​become ​better, ​helping ​us ​to ​be ​more ​aligned ​with ​Christ.”

The musical numbers for the inaugural event were performed by the BYU-I combined choirs and members of the symphony orchestra. Brianna Schmidt was a member of the symphony orchestra at the event and shared what her experience was like in an interview with Scroll.

“It ​was ​super ​fun,” Schmidt said. “It was a really ​cool ​experience ​to ​be ​super ​close ​to ​the ​apostles … ​to ​have ​them ​just ​right ​there. ​And ​it’s ​really ​amazing ​music, ​too. ​I ​love ​that ​we ​played ​the ​piece ​by ​Mack ​Wilberg, (because) ​the ​Tabernacle ​played ​it ​before.”

In addition to hearing from President Meredith, Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Elder Ronald A. Rasband from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints delivered addresses to the audience.

Scroll also spoke with Parker Steed, an usher for BYU-I who worked at the event, about his thoughts on the remarks shared at the inauguration.

“I ​think ​it ​was (Elder) ​Christofferson who ​talked ​about ​how … we’re ​more ​than ​just ​our degree,” Steed said. “We’re ​here ​to ​do ​something ​more. ​We’re ​here ​to ​be ​disciples ​of ​Christ.”

President Meredith addressed students at the inauguration.

President Meredith addressed students at the inauguration. Photo credit: Mario Miguel

In addition to students, faculty members also widely attended President Meredith’s inauguration. In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Nathan Watson, a first-year experience coordinator for BYU-I, shared his thoughts on the historic event.

“What ​a ​special ​opportunity,” Watson said, “​​one, ​for ​current ​students ​at ​BYU-Idaho ​to ​be ​a ​part ​of ​something ​like ​that, ​but ​two, to ​see ​the ​light ​and ​the ​energy ​that ​President ​and ​Sister ​Meredith ​will ​be ​able ​to ​bring ​to ​BYU-​Idaho ​is ​awesome. To continue ​what ​the ​past ​presidents ​have ​done …to ​live ​out ​that prophetic ​prophecy ​from ​Elder ​Eyring is ​just ​an ​awesome ​thing ​to ​experience ​today.

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