On Thursday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the BYU-Idaho Faculty Technology Center will be hosting a western-themed AI expo on the third floor of the Manwaring Center.

The expo aims to educate students and faculty on the use of artificial intelligence and explore AI questions, topics and methods.

Director of Learning Innovation and Technology David Ashby shared that as AI use increases in society, many don’t feel qualified enough to present on it.

“No one is. That’s the whole point. We need to get everybody lifted where they are or lift where they are,” Ashby said. “AI is kind of the wild west right now. If you pay attention, it changes all the time. The rules are totally unknown.”

Over 60 presentations were received in preparation for the expo. To explore and understand this advance in technology better, various poster sessions will be cycled through about 25 stations in the special events room. A live debate will be facilitated by trained faculty in the first hour, and AI workshops will be held every half hour.

Workshops will include information on using AI to research and write. Participants can also learn how to create lesson plans, images and artwork with AI. All of which will be encompassed in a western style.

“The whole purpose of the day is to have conversation. It’s not to say this is right, that’s wrong or anything like that. It’s to say that we all need to be better at this, and we all need to be better stewards of where AI goes in the future,” Ashby said. “Those of us that are ethical need to speak up.”

For more information on the expo agenda visit this link.