Giving Day is an opportunity for individuals to donate to BYU-Idaho in support of peers and students sas they pursue their dreams and become committed disciples of Jesus Christ. Giving Day will be held June 11-12.

One hundred percent of the money raised goes to helping students receive an education through the BYU-Idaho General Scholarship Fund. This will be awarded to deserving students based on academic achievement. The goal is to reach 500 donors.

Under Church direction by the Board of Trustees and administration of BYU-I, the dispersing of awards will be prioritized as follows:

— General Scholarship

Need-Based Financial Aid

— BYU-Idaho Merit Scholarship

— Returned Missionary Scholarship

“Nearly three-quarters of BYU-I students rely on some form of financial aid,” according to the website. “University need-based aid assists students who might otherwise struggle with financial challenges. More than 70 percent of need-based aid recipients have what the Financial Aid Office calls ‘high need.'”

In the past, it has enabled students at BYU-I to graduate college debtfree.

Giving Day is coordinated by Philanthropies, a department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that encourages and facilitates support for programs and charities affiliated with the Church, including:




BYU–Pathway Worldwide

Ensign College

Missionary Fund

Through BYU-Idaho’s Philanthropies website, donations can be made using a credit card or check.

Giving Day also offers an opportunity for individuals to become Ambassadors.

Ambassadors are members of the BYU-Idaho Family who lend their voices to Giving Day,” according to the Giving Day website. Donations bring the university and the community together to support students’ education.

People are more likely to contribute a gift when asked by a peer or friend, so your participation (as an Ambassador) brings about a major difference,” according to the Giving Day website. “If you are one of the top five Ambassadors who gets the most donations from your personalized link you will win a BYU-Idaho prize.

In a recent feature that BYU-Idaho News wrote concerning the matter, they highlighted BYU-I student, Reagan Vehar, and her experience receiving a BYU-I Grant from generous donors and her hard work maintaining a high GPA, to help cover her tuition.

“I’m so thankful to donors who help make education possible,” Vehar said. “I just got a job working at the BYU-Idaho bookstore, and between that and my grant, going to school is doable. I’m so thankful for those who have helped me be able to pursue my degree and my dreams.”

Donations and gifts can be made here.