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BYU-I twists and shouts for the Liverpool Legends

On Sept. 23, the Liverpool Legends appeared on stage in the John W. Hart Building Gymnasium to bring Rexburg back to a time of yellow submarines, outrageous costumes and legendary ’60s music.

One BYU-Idaho student said they knew they were in for a good time the minute the band started playing.

The world-renowned tribute band entered sporting gray suits and the iconic mop haircuts of the first era of the Beatles. They didn’t stay this way for long, though. To represent the passage of time, the band played videos for each era and slowly transformed into their iconic counterparts. For “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” they came onstage wearing matching mustaches and vibrant blue, pink and green costumes.

To further emphasize this transition through history, the band called audience members from their seats to dance like they were attending the first ever Beatles concert. The crowd remained in front of the stage for the rest of the show, becoming progressively livelier as the night went on, just like fans in the original Beatles mania might have.

Every aspect of the show played tribute to the Beatles’ rich history. Their set list included fan favorites like “Penny Lane,” “Here Comes the Sun” and even John Lennon’s solo hit, “Imagine.”

Liverpool Legends play at BYU-Idaho Hart Auditorium
Liverpool Legends play at BYU-Idaho John W. Hart Auditorium. Photo credit: Tatum Troescher

“Their body language, the way they talked, the way they stood, the way they strummed matched with every old video (I’ve) ever seen,” said Ethan Richards, a sophomore studying business management and marketing. “The Beatles were here on stage in front of my eyes,”

The crowd was made up of people of all ages, and the nostalgia of listening to such classic music combined with hearing it live for the first time made the energy electric for everyone.

“They (the Beatles) had a lasting impact, it seems like,” said Linda Taylor, a Rexburg resident and longtime fan of the band.

The Liverpool Legends returned to the stage for an encore performance of “Hey, Jude” at the unanimous request of the roaring crowd. Afterward, they asked the crowd if they would like them to come back to BYU-I again next year. From the audience’s response, there was no question, BYU-I would welcome the artists back with open arms and peace signs at the ready to enjoy their music once again.

More information about the Liverpool Legends can be found on their website.


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