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BYU-Idaho and Instagram: Say cheese

Are you stumped on figuring out the next photo location for your new post on social media?

CBS News published that BYU-Idaho was named, “the most Instagrammed place in the state of Idaho.”

Who would have thought?

What is it about the BYU-I campus that makes it “Instagram-worthy”?

Here’s a thought: for many students, BYU-I is one of the only places in Rexburg to take photos in general.

And even in Rexburg it may seem like there is a lack of noteworthy, original places to take your next Instagram photo.

Abigail Smith, a photographer and sophomore studying communication, said there are a few places in the Rexburg area where many people choose to pose for their next post.

“The places I know of are the sand dunes, the apple orchard, Yellowstone, downtown, the Teton Dam and the greenhouse on campus,” Smith said.

Emily Schwartz, a photographer and junior studying communication, said there are some places around Rexburg that she likes to go to photograph people.

“Mesa Falls area is my favorite because it looks like the Pacific Northwest,” Schwartz said. “There are lots of trees and beautiful hills and greenery. A little outside Rexburg there is Bubblelands. I did an engagement shoot there. There’s a lot of big and colorful plants as well as a river.”

The list of places for taking photos is not the longest, that’s for sure.

Smith said many places worthy of taking photos in Rexburg have already been used over and over again.

“It’s so hard to find original places here in Rexburg; everyone knows every spot there is,” Smith said.

Shelly Cook, a photographer and senior studying elementary education, shared ways that she gets inspiration for her photos.

“It’s fun to drive around and find new places to take pictures,” Cook said.

Smith said there are other anecdotes for the lack of places to take photos in Rexburg.

“You can make any spot look brand new if you get creative enough,” Smith said. “It’s not really important that the spot is original, but that the photos, props and angles are.”

Cassie Wagstaff, Junior at BYUI, Comm major, Visual emphasis with George Myers, Junior at BYUI, Accounting major, using Instagram in campus.

Schwartz said she spiced up a location using props for a proposal shoot she did.

“The gazebo at the park by the hospital is super cute,” Schwartz said. “I did a proposal shoot there at night and we lit it up with Christmas lights — super cute.”

Schwartz said colors and design play a role in the originality of a photo.

“On the way to Idaho Falls there’s a cool farming building that has lots of color and design that is distinct and fun to shoot at,” Schwartz said.

Cook said she has seen several photos taken in the Thomas E. Ricks Horticulture Demonstration Gardens on the BYU-I campus, but she has found ways to make the photos more unique.

“Lots of people have done pictures of the arches in the gardens,” Cook said. “The background is the same, but the poses and perspective are different. The trick is to find pieces of a place that are interesting.”


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