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BYU-Idaho announces guidelines to prepare for fall semester

BYU-Idaho announced the following guidelines for the Fall Semester 2020 via email.

“We Are in This Together: Ready, Set, Go!

The beginning of Fall Semester 2020 is almost here. The information below will help you make a smooth and healthy transition to campus. Please review this information carefully so you will know what to expect. You can also call or text the BYU-Idaho Support Center at 208-496-1411 with any questions you might have.

Face Coverings

Protective face coverings are required in all campus buildings. Face coverings are not required outside when physical distancing can be maintained. As university sidewalks and other outdoor areas become congested, everyone should wear a mask or shield as a precaution.

If You Feel Sick

If you don’t feel well, stay home until you are healthy. The university has put significant measures in place to help ensure you are well-cared for. These include consideration of your classes, leave accommodations for your existing on-campus employment responsibilities, access to meals, and other support. Please contact the Student Well-Being Office at (208) 496-9200 for more information. If you have any symptoms or questions about COVID-19, please contact the Student Health Center at (208) 496-9330.

Paying Tuition

You can pay your tuition or add money to your student I-Card by going to your BYU-Idaho Personal Account. If you have any specific account questions, please fill out this form or email stuaccts@byui.edu.

Federal Financial Aid

Financial aid for fall semester will begin disbursing during the first week of school. Please check your Financial Aid Portal for any missing documents and to accept or decline award offers. Paid awards may be viewed by checking your Personal Account Summary on the my.byui.edu portal.

First Day of Classes

Be aware that the first day of on-campus classes may not meet in your regularly scheduled location. Please check your BYU-Idaho email to know if you should join your blended or flex courses by Zoom or in-person on campus for the first day of each class. Your BYU-Idaho email, as well as I-Learn, will have specific instructions, including where to meet, what time, and what to expect the first week of class.

Student Express

Order your textbooks, get your student ID card, and buy a parking pass online by visiting Student Express. While there, don’t forget to order your 2020 BYU-Idaho Spirit Week Shirt; it comes with added benefits too!

Student Employment

Looking for employment opportunities on campus? Email humanresources@byui.edu or call them at 208-496-1700 or check the BYU-Idaho job board. For off-campus job opportunities, you may search Handshake through BYU-Idaho.

BYU-Idaho Dress and Grooming Standards

Each member of the BYU-Idaho community personally commits to observe the CES Honor Code. Please visit BYU-Idaho Dress and Grooming Standards for a quick reminder of your commitment.

Accessing Student Services

Campus is open, but not all offices are accepting walk-in traffic. An appointment may be needed. See Campus Services Currently Available for hours of operation and preferred method of contact.

I-Belong Website and App Launch (promo video)

The new I-Belong website and BYU-Idaho I-Belong App are now live. Visit go.byui.edu/ibelong on any mobile device to download the app. The app will help you find virtual connections and opportunities to join groups, discover what is happening on campus, stay connected to organizations, participate in activities and events, and get involved in volunteer and leadership opportunities. Keep checking the app. As events and activities are approved by Eastern Idaho Public Health, they will be available for registration and participation.

We look forward to seeing you back on campus and hope for a successful and healthy semester.”


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