BYU-Idaho announces new portfolio tool

BYU-Idaho announced the creation of a new portfolio tool called Portfolium. It was created to help students prepare to find jobs.

On Jan. 24, BYU-Idaho sent students an email that allows them to access their validated BYU-I Portfolium profiles, a new portfolio tool. The subject headline read: “Access your BYU-Idaho Portfolium.”

Portfolium is a digital portfolio tool and career readiness network BYU-I adopted to help its students “prepare to find meaningful employment,” according to BYU-I Student Services.

Kyle Martin, the Student Services Managing Director, said that BYU-I searched for a few years to find tools and methods that would help students represent their learning and achievements both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.

“We’re excited to provide this service to our students and feel that it can be an important tool in their overall preparation for future employment,” Martin said.

Portfolium is a free tool, that remains free for students to use after they graduate.

“We are excited to partner with BYU-Idaho, a leader in student-centered education practices, to help their students build an ePortfolio that displays an increased view of their learning experience both in and outside of the classroom,” said Troy Markowitz, VP Academic Partnerships at Portfolium, on the Portfolium website.

The tool offers several features:

Upload and show off their work

Students can upload their work, projects, presentations and other materials to the online tool. These uploads are visible to future and potential employers.

Martin said, “Portfolium allows students to “represent their skills and abilities that they develop here at BYU-Idaho to prospective employees.”

Contact potential employers

Rather than listing skills on a resume, uploading work on Portfolium shows companies the skills students possess.

Employers are also using this tool to search for students who fit their company, Martin said.

“BYU-Idaho’s goal is to have every student with a robust portfolio that represents their learning and skill development across the entire general and co-curricular education,” according to Portfolium’s website.

Connect to students and faculty

Other features of Portfolium include tagging classmates and friends as connections on group projects.

Students can like and comment on the portfolios of peers, professors or professionals to make connections as well.

For more information on Portfolium students can visit, email or sign up for a webinar on Feb. 1 at 2:00 p.m.