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BYU-Idaho construction revamps campus

BYU-Idaho is taking advantage of its remote spring semester with dug up sidewalks all around campus.

One of the bigger construction projects is a new ceramics lab in place of the Oscar A. Kirkham building torn down last spring.

According to the BYU-Idaho newsroom, the ceramics lab is expected to be completed by Spring 2021. The steam line project will have some sidewalks closed but is expected to be finished around October.

“It was the University’s decision to tear down the Kirkham building but providing that new ceramics lab will be excellent for those art students,” said Andy Johnson, director of Architecture and Construction Management Services.

Art students say goodbye to the old and embrace the new with the new ceramics building.

“It’s going to open a lot of doors of opportunity for students to look into their creative capacity and stretch to learn even more,” said Blue Klein, a junior studying art. “Now that it’s considered an important enough emphasis for them to make a new building just for it.”

Along with the new ceramics lab, there will be a new entrance on the east side of the John W. Hart building along with remodeling in the auxiliary gym. The Hart remodeling is expected to be completed by Fall 2020.

“The Hart construction will be an improvement for the dance department, who, beginning in the fall, will be teaching from the Hart instead of the Manwaring Center,” Johnson said.

Along with additions to campus, there is some maintenance going on as well. The entire campus is heated by steam, new lines have been added to heat the buildings on the north end of campus.

“The steam line is at a capacity of steam so we are adding more lines so that we can deliver more heat from that north end of campus,” Johnson said.

With these projects underway the campus may look different this upcoming fall, be sure to stay safe around any ongoing construction next semester.

Photo credit: Megan Chatterley
Photo credit: Megan Chatterley
Photo credit: Megan Chatterley
Photo credit: Megan Chatterley
Photo credit: Megan Chatterley
Photo credit: Megan Chatterley


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