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BYU-Idaho entrepreneur finds success in start up business

Seth Ficklin, a sophomore studying communication, found success starting his own car detailing business amidst a pandemic.

Seth Ficklin grossed over $11,000 in four months. The business offers services such as pressure washing and deep cleaning the inside of the car.

Seth Ficklin grew up all over the United States as a result of being a “military kid.” When his family lived in Florida, he and a friend had the idea to start a car detailing business. The business was steady until Seth Ficklin and his friend both served missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

When Seth Ficklin returned home, his family moved to Virginia. After a few semesters of school at BYU-I, he moved back home in light of the pandemic.

Seth Ficklin soon realized he needed a way to make money.

Seth Ficklin (right) and his brother Thomas Ficklin (left) pose with a car that was detailed.
Seth Ficklin (right) and his brother Thomas Ficklin (left) pose with a car that was detailed. Photo credit: Seth Ficklin

“There were a lot of different avenues that I could take,” Seth Ficklin said. “I applied to Chick-fil-a and they didn’t get back to me and so that’s when I decided to send it with this detailing business.”

Seth Ficklin used Google and Facebook to promote his business, Sleek n’ Smooth Auto Spa.

“I was not expecting (the success) at all,” Seth Ficklin said.

He also found other ways to find success through networking, talking to friends and family, and getting the customers’ contact information.

“We were glad for him, obviously, but success brings its own challenges,” said Tom Ficklin, his father.

Tom Ficklin was also a young entrepreneur, running a window-washing business while in college, which helped him provide for his family until he graduated.

“Seth is a hard worker and has shown the dedication and commitment to customer service that is a key ingredient to success,” Tom Ficklin said. “His temperament, especially his patience, and level-headedness also serve him well.”

According to the fourth-quarter Wells Fargo, Gallup Small Business Survey, business owners are more optimistic about the future despite having below-average success during the pandemic.

Seth Ficklin encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to communicate effectively with customers.

“Being able to communicate effectively what you do or the product that you have and why someone needs it is an important thing to make clear at the beginning.” Seth Ficklin said.

Seth Ficklin advises aspiring entrepreneurs to materialize their ideas into reality.


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