BYU-Idaho gives Skerryvore a rush

Skerryvore brings the Kirkham Auditorium to its feet

This article was written by Maryna Voievodina

BYU-Idaho welcomed a multi-award winning Scottish band, Skerryvore, in the Oscar A. Kirkham Auditorium on Friday.

Skerryvore plays a unique fusion of folk, traditional, rock and Americana that represents all the different personalities and upbringings of the eight band members who hail from different regions of Scotland.

This was the first time the band performed on a university campus and both the band and the audience were pleased.

“What an amazing time we had tonight at BYU-Idaho! Thank you all so much for being literally one of the best crowds we’ve ever played to,” the band posted on their Facebook page.

The band started performing at the wedding playing traditional music in Scotland where they gain popularity among the locals. After releasing their first album ‘West Coast Life,’ Skerryvore’s volume of gigging increased, both in number and in scale.

Skerryvore won the ‘Best Live Act’ for 2016 at the MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards.

JOSH GERVACIO | Scroll Photography

“Who knew that you could rock with the bagpipes, accordion and a fiddle,” said Ron Nate, economics professor at BYU-Idaho.

The students’ excitement carried on even after the show was over, through tweets and Facebook posts.

“It was so fun,” said April Smith, a senior studying accounting. “We got the tickets for free, and we’re planning to stay only for half an hour, but time flew by so quickly. We were dancing the whole time.”

The band called the Rexburg audience the best of their American tour.

“We used to play a lot of gigs in Scotland, and last night we played in Salt Lake City and there were only 40 people,” said Scott Wood, the member of Skerryvore. “We were not expecting a lot of people, but when we saw all the people, we were amazed. The crowd was amazing, it was rolling fun. We were on the high.”

After Rexburg, the band will perform in Denver, Colorado, finishing their U.S. tour. After the U.S., they will return home to the UK.


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