The Spori Art Gallery is currently exhibiting SHADE, an artwork by Gerald Julien Griffin, a professor at BYU-Idaho.

“The reason I picked the word shade is because it was just very concise and simple, I didn’t have to have a big explanation it was one word,” said Griffin.

The project took nearly a year and a half to complete. Brother Griffin found beauty in things that we see daily and many times take for granted.

“The effect of cracks in the sidewalk, the way the telephone lines divided up the space in the sky, the random scattering of leaves, different things like that,” said Griffin. “Consequently when it came to doing a project I thought it would be kind of interesting to see how light and raking shadows affected architecture.”

A unique story is behind each painting; Brother Griffin shared one behind “Trouble in Paradise.”

“I took the placemat or the foot mat and moved it just a little bit and that’s where ‘Trouble in Paradise’ comes because now everything doesn’t line up perfectly and I think that’s symbolic of life, everything is not perfect in life, sometimes things get a little out of adjustment but we have to deal with it anyway,” said Griffin.

BYU-Idaho President Clark Gilbert shared his thoughts about the art.

“First of all the art in this exhibit is fabulous,” said President Gilbert. “If you look at the creative insight from brother Griffin as he’s gone through and captured scenes that look at different shades of light, he was walking me through earlier just sharing with me how he identified and came up with some of the settings for his studies.”

The exposition opened on Sept 17th and will go until Oct 15th.

“What a treat for us to have here on campus. I hope so many of our students get a chance to be down here during this showing so that they can experience this,” said President Gilbert.

Reporting from BYU-Idaho, I am Júlia Meireles, Scroll TV News.