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BYU-Idaho student shares his thoughts on liberty and the mask mandate

Bryson Davis, a junior studying accounting, recently started following his dream to educate others on current issues that our country faces by working for Madison Liberty Institute (MLI), a nonprofit organization.

“Our mission statement is to empower individuals and organizations to advance the cause of liberty,” Davis said. “A lot of people look at political ideology but do not know how to get involved and make a difference. We provide education.”

Davis is the engagement coordinator for MLI where his main responsibility is to help individuals, especially students, get involved.

“At Madison Liberty Institute we look to export our own brand of liberty,” said Davis.

MLI, compared to other organizations, believes in the importance of focusing on social and fiscal policy. Social policy is the belief in holding to historical beliefs on social issues and fiscal policy is the belief that the economy functions best with minimal government influence. According to Davis some politicians and other organizations compromise one policy for another.

“What’s unique about our organization is that we’re truly conservative in the sense that we care about both,” said Davis.

Currently, Davis is working with his team to pressure governor Little to remove the mask mandate from Maddison county.

“Government has a tendency to want to get involved for the sake of quote-unquote security but it comes at a cost of liberty,” said Davis.

Davis said that if we are not careful too much government control could lead to Tyranny.

“The mask mandate, it’s not like we’re at the point where it’s between liberty and tyranny but it’s setting the precedent for potential government involvement scenarios and in places where the government shouldn’t be involved in the first place,” said Davis.

Davis and MLI are providing training and education on how to be more involved and protect our liberties according to their beliefs.

Flag found in the basement of Spark Freedom
Flag found in the basement of Sparks Freedom Photo credit: Mason Griffiths
Bryson Davis posing
Bryson Davis posing Photo credit: Mason Griffiths
Madison Liberty Institute Symbol
Madison Liberty Institute Symbol Photo credit: Mason Griffiths
Spark Freedom employees and many students leave their handprint and message
Spark Freedom employees and many students leave their handprint and message Photo credit: Mason Griffiths
Unique painting at Spark Freedom
Unique painting at Spark Freedom Photo credit: Mason Griffiths
Location of Madison Liberty
Location of Madison Liberty Photo credit: Mason Griffiths
Sparks Freedom Classroom
Sparks Freedom Classroom Photo credit: Mason Griffiths


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