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Two films submitted by BYU-Idaho students to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, won regional Emmy awards. The 55th annual Northwest Regional Emmy Awards ceremony took place in Seattle, Washington, on June 9.

BYU-I students Jesse Garrard, Joseph Kitchens, David Avery Grasse, Scott Villanueva, Jacob Scott Villanueva, Gabe Alexander and Crew Johnston won the Emmy in the category of Short-Form Fiction for their film Escape from Bara Magna.

Garrard describes the film as “Injured, dehydrated, and caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, a lone smuggler must use his ingenuity to find a way off the barren wasteland Bara Magna,” according to

Students Makenzie Bush, Avery Grasse, Gabe Alexander, Brenton Stumpf, Janie Dickson, Sarah Haydock, Emma Morgan, Sarah Bowman and Camille Smith won the Emmy in the category of Short-Form Non-Fiction for their film, My Starving Mind.

Bush, who directed the film, said, “I created a poetic documentary to illustrate the emotional effects that eating disorders have on those who suffer from them. I interviewed several people who shared their stories with me — the dialogue you hear in the film are the exact words from them, unaltered. This is my interpretation, as I have never personally had an eating disorder,” according to

Both Escape from Bara Magna and My Starving Mind can be found on YouTube.

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