BYU-Idaho’s Fitness Activities staff hosted the Winter 2024 Fitness Kickoff in the John W. Hart Building’s auditorium on Tuesday night.

The kickoff included samples of the semester’s offered classes including HIIT, Zumba, Cross Training and more. Anyone looking to attend future classes, times, events and locations can visit their Instagram or BYU-I’s Campus Recreations website.

Hunter Howel, one of the High Fitness class instructors, said his favorite part of this job is seeing how fitness can bring people together.

“We often see people who come at the beginning of a semester, they aren’t sure of themselves, but then we have people who have been coming for multiple semesters in a row,” Howel said, “You just see these people grow in confidence and they reach out and help others. It’s so awesome to see.”

Sampling Zumba with Paula Espin-Canar

Sampling Zumba with Paula Espin-Canar Photo credit: Mattie Johnson

Paula Espin-Canar, one of the Zumba instructors, encourages people to come to the fitness classes because of the overall well-being and benefits it brings to people’s lives.

“Physical exercise is good for a lot of areas,” Espin-Canar said, “if you have a good balance in your body moving you are going to feel a change in your whole routine. In your daily life, you’ll find this balance in your mental health, physical health and spiritual health.”

Espin-Canar said fitting physical activity into one’s day will help them set more goals, strengthen their body and mind and bring them good things in all areas of life.

These instructors agreed that they are excited to get to know the students who come to their classes and help them grow in their fitness journeys.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever done a fitness class in your life, or you’ve been them for years,” said Howel, “there is something for you here.”