Dating. What a joy. I’m sure you’ve heard of the wonderful experiences at BYU-Idaho. People probably told you, “hey, you’re gonna get married super fast,” or, “hey, everyone out there is already married,” all because of the catch-phrase “BYU-I do.”

You want the truth? It’s not that way at all.

If you take the numbers of enrolled students versus the numbers of married students and compare it to the years from 2004 to 2018, the percentage of married students has remained the same from 25 to 28 percent.

So, you’re not going to just get swept off your feet by “prince charming.” First of all, he doesn’t exist and second of all, if he did, he wouldn’t be here because wearing tights in this weather is not safe.

Truth is, dating at college can be frustrating and different from your expectations. Every student has issues or questions about this. So, we made a dating column called “BYU-I’m Single.”

It is an interesting and funny discussion the dating situation of our age. There’s stories from students and advice from professionals.

This column comes out weekly and can be found on our app or our website. If you are having issues with dating or just want to hear what others have to say, check out BYU-I’m Single today!