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The school newspaper has been in publication since 1905, back when the school was known as Ricks College. As is talked about in another article in this issue regarding the changes in the Scroll next semester next semester, winter 2019, we will no longer have a weekly print paper but all of our content will be online. It will be easier to access for everyone, and it will be awesome.

Through 100 years, the paper has gone through different names like, the Purple Flash and the Student Rays. As the years have changed, something has always stayed consistent — the dating dilemma. I went all the way back to an edition of the Purple Flash from February 10, 1937. On page 2, I saw this title: “Osculatory Controversy Waxes Near Boiling Point.” I looked on Merriam-Webster dictionary online and looked up what “osculatory” means.

It comes from the word “osculation” which means the act of kissing. So, I was looking at the “Kissing Controversy Waxes Near Boiling Point.”

As I read the article, apparently, in the edition the week before, the girls had written a letter to the paper signed “Miss Pentiwest,” that slammed the guys for their incompetencies in dating; the guys retaliated “with interest and deliver a crushing blow” through writing an letter in response.

They started by recounting a historical event from Rome and then dove into their response.

“The fair damsels of the school wax warm from an inward flame kindled by the torch of romance,” it said. “As a result, we discover emblazoned upon the pages of our school paper a torrent of invectives poured out by some disillusioned coed upon the ashes of her burned out love.”

If you’re saying “what?” then we’re on the same page. I had to get a dictionary to figure out some of those words. For those of you who aren’t English majors, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary online, “emblazoned” means to inscribe something with some kind of angelic sense.

A “coed” refers to a female student in a college where’s there is both guys and girls. It’s not referring coed sports. I had to use the dictionary for that one too.

But don’t you worry, this gets better. After calling Miss Pentiwest out for finding her facts on love from romance novels about “heart-fluttering college men and beautiful coeds,” they continued to apply salt to the wound.

The guys said authors of those stories have complete control over their characters, especially the girls. The guys said their search for love has been in vain.

“We have yet to find the man who can actually produce one of these dazzling, young innocents,” the guys’ letter continued. “Beautiful girls never get to college, they are snatched up and rushed to the altar before they reach the college age.”

Woah. Drop the typewriter and walk away. That was intense.

Let’s flash forward almost 10 years to 1946. The newspaper was named the Viking Scroll. An article titled “It’s Love, Love, Love” jumped off the page.

The writer of this article gave an overview of the “bug” at Ricks college. The love bug, that is. She encouraged the girls to not be afraid to get hit with the love bug and for guys to get over themselves and be okay with girls getting married.

Flash forward again to the April 11, 1963 edition of the Viking Scroll and there’s an advertisement for wedding rings for $189. And that’s for an engagement ring and wedding band. Someone build me a time machine.

Go back to the Fall 2017 Semester and “Dating Horror Stories” appeared in the paper.

Must I go on? Dating is clearly something we’ve been trying to learn how to do since the start of the school. There’s a unique culture of dating at BYU-Idaho, no matter what year you look in.

Matthew Whoolery, a psychology teacher at BYU-I, said this culture echoes the American culture of having a self-centered way of viewing life. Americans set goals and aim for things to better themselves.

He said instead of looking at who we could love forever, we should just focus on how we can care and love others as people.

“Eric Fromm, the psychologist, said the problem of love is not finding the right person but learning to love better,” Whoolery said.

So, who says we can’t just love better? If we’ve been dealing with this since the start of the school, why don’t try to love better? Let’s not put each other down, like the issue with Miss Pentiwest, but build each other up an make a better future.

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