A fencing class is held every Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. in the John W. Hart Building, room 204. On Saturdays, it is held in room 234 at the same time.

Gear can be checked out for $3 per class or $30 for the whole semester.

The most recent fencing class was separated into two groups — one focused on advanced techniques and the other on beginners’ skills.

“We have people from all levels. There are people here for the first time. Some have been fencing for 10 years and some for 15,” said Brandon Bingham, an exercise physiology student and class instructor.

Fencing techniques are focused on in the first hour, and the second is open for practicing against other participants. The last 10 minutes include light conditioning.

“Fencing is mentally demanding and helps exercise your brain in a fun and challenging way. Second, it is a great stress reliever,” Bingham said. “It also helps keep you fit. It’s much more physically demanding than people think.”

All levels are encouraged to join. Previous fencing experience is not required.

“Most people here have never been before, so we teach from the ground up. After a period of time, we just encourage people to continue learning, trying out new things and becoming better, ” Bingham said.

This class will continue each Tuesday and Saturday throughout the semester.