On Monday, BYU Jerusalem Center’s Security Updates posted clarifying information in regards to the students traveling to Greece and then returning to their homes to continue classes remotely.

After posting the update that students would be returning home from Greece on Oct. 31, the Jerusalem Center’s Security Updates gave six points of explanation as to what has happened in Jerusalem and what they are planning to do moving forward.

1. The program always planned to go on an eight-day trip to Greece.

As a part of the curriculum, students were already planning to go to Greece for an eight-day field trip as a part of their field studies classes. The plan originally had the students studying in Greece from Oct. 22 to Oct. 30. Due to the dangers present in Jerusalem, they left for Greece one week earlier than anticipated.

2. Students at the Jersuleum Center were not stuck in the Center.

Before leaving for Tel Aviv, Israel, students were not stuck in the Center. Students still attended classes and participated in group activities, including their Model Seder dinner.

According to the update, while several classes were accelerated modestly, for the most part, students were in scheduled the same classes had there been no outbreak of violence in Gaza and bordering Israeli areas.

BYU Jerusalem Center provided six clarifying updates on their actions.

BYU Jerusalem Center provided six clarifying updates on their actions. Photo credit: BYU Jerusalem Center

3. Students will continue their courses at home.

After returning home, students will complete their coursework through Zoom classes. They will also plan on taking their final exams sooner than expected.

“They will not complete their New Testament credits but will complete the other 12 credit hours that they are earning from Old Testament, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Jewish Civilization, Arab Civilization, their language class, and their field studies class,” said BYU Jerusalem Center Security Updates.

4. Students are currently touring Greece.

This week, the students are touring Greece as part of their field studies class.

5. Students will not finish the semester in Greece.

While they are visiting Greece, the BYU Jerusalem Center will not have the students finish the semester in Greece.

“BYU does not own a facility in Greece where students can be housed,” Security Updates said.

6. Students’ time in Greece is not being shortened.

Despite the updates saying students in the program are to return home, students’ time in Greece is not being shortened. In the original field-trip plan, the students were anticipated to return to Jerusalem. But, because of the present risk of violence in Jerusalem, the students are being sent home to complete their studies.