BYU women’s basketball lost their third game in a row while facing the Pepperdine Waves — 64-63.

BYU Cougars faced the Pepperdine Waves on Thursday at the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah. Although Cougar Forward Lauren Gustin had scored 30 points and 16 rebounds, the team was still unable to win the game.

First quarter

Gustin scored their first jumper after missing six field goals of seven attempts. Waves player, Ally Stedman, scored seven points, including one 3-pointer.

The point difference became smaller. Gustin made two jumpers after their timeout. The Cougars made three jumpers, leading the team to run 6-0 for over four minutes.

Gustin approached a double-double in the first quarter. She made eight points and eight rebounds in the first quarter. The Cougars started the quarter with insufficient field goal attempts. The Cougars fell behind 11-10.

Second quarter

Gustin scored three out of three in the paint in the quarter start, which garnered a lead of three, with Gustin recording 14 points and nine rebounds.

The Waves had four turnovers causing both teams to not score until the last minute. Gustin scored her ninth two-pointer during the last two seconds; she led the team by 24-19.

Third quarter

The Waves started with one layup and two jumpers by Stedman. Gustin made a double-double in the third quarter, scoring 19 points and 13 rebounds.

Theresa Grace Mbanefo from the Waves had her first personal foul after the timeout in the last two minutes of the quarter, which led the Cougars to gain a foul bonus since the opponent had five team fouls.

Stedman scored a buzz-beater third-pointer, making the Cougars’ scoring lead only last for one point. The third quarter ended with BYU leading by 37-36.

Fourth quarter

Cougar Forward Emma Calvert scored her first 3-pointer of the game. The Cougars led by 11 points, which was the most significant score margin in the match.

Nani Falatea, Cougars guard, scored her first field goal of the game.

Stedman scored a fast-break 3-pointer in the last two minutes, which reduced the lead margin to only four points. She had a turnover, and the opponent made the fast-break layup.

Gustin had a solid personal foul in the paint; the Waves had their foul bonus and they scored two free throws, which led the game to be tied in the last 27 seconds. A Cougar turnover again in the critical last three seconds. The ball was back to the opponent team.

The game tied and led to overtime.


Calvert made a layup, and the Waves led by one point. The Cougars could not complete any more field goals after Calvert’s layup. The home team lost the game by 64-63.

On Saturday the women’s team will play Loyola Marymount University Lions. The game will be played at the Marriott Center.