California family moves to Rexburg

HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography
HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography
HAILEY THOMAS | Scroll Photography

Several BYU-Idaho students live away from their families, but there are some whose families live close by.

Karen Ochoa, a freshman studying music, said her entire family, with the exception of a brother, moved from San Diego, California to Rexburg to open a business two months after they dropped her off for her first semester of college.

Ochoa said she did not know when she started school that her family would move to Rexburg, but has enjoyed having them close by. She said it is also nice because she has a job close to campus and can work when she has the time.

“They saw the storefront had an opening,” Ochoa said. “They came and saw a need, then filled it.”

Ochoa said her family came to open a restaurant in Rexburg where they sell home style Mexican food.

“I get free food, and I don’t have to travel far to see my family,” Ochoa said.

Ochoa said she is moving from her dorm to her parents’ home in the fall to save money. She said it makes sense to live at home when it is so close.

Tuition costs are high, along with room and board fees, according to College Parents of America. If a student can live at home, that cuts the cost of living down, almost eliminating it. Not only will this save money for the student but also the family, according to College Parents of America.

Ochoa said her sister will attend BYU-I this coming fall semester. She said it will be fun to have her sister at school  with her.

“Some students enjoy being close to their family; they enjoy, and need, the extra support that family members can provide,” according to College Parents          of America.

Ochoa said it is always good to have support from family  and friends.

“Having support from your friends is different than the support you get from your parents,” Ochoa said. “When your friends say, ‘You can do this,’ is much different than when your parents say, ‘You can do this and you can do it better.’”

The Ochoa family moved Rexburg to be near family, according to the Casa De Ochoa website.

Ochoa said she appreciates living at home with her parents now that she has lived on her own.

“Be grateful,” Ochoa said. “It is not easy for your parents either. Not everyone has the opportunity to live at home.”