Cupid’s Carnival was held on Monday night as a Valentine’s Day-themed Home Evening activity.

The activity began with a prayer and spiritual thought led by a Student Connections employee. The spiritual thought taught the need to be spiritually ready to receive personal revelation.

The analogy of a wide receiver was given as an example. A wide receiver in football needs to be attentive and prepared to catch the ball. One must be spiritually attentive, in good shape and in the right place to “catch” revelation from Heavenly Father.

The audience was left with the scripture Matthew 7:7-8. It takes spiritual muscle building to receive revelation from God.

“I love the connection to the students. I think the purpose of this (home evening) is to connect students to Christ, the culture and the community,” said Aubrey Hess, a junior studying social work. “These community events (are) the best way to do that, where people that don’t normally go to Home Evenings or don’t feel as connected can feel that belonging here on campus.”

BYU-I students posing in front of Cupid's Corner photo booth.

BYU-I students posing in front of Cupid's Corner photo booth. Photo credit: Mallory Safsten

Those who attended the carnival participated in a raffle to win a speaker and additional tickets for prizes. Tickets could be won by playing a variety of carnival games available and turning them in for a choice of prizes.

The main activities were held in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center on the 2nd floor and karaoke was available on the 3rd floor.

“My favorite part about Home Evening activities is gathering people together and trying to build friendships, connections and centering them on the Lord,” said Jacob Sullivan, a freshman studying computer science. “If we can build a social community, it will be better for everyone here. And if we can build it upon the Lord it will be so much better. We are trying to gather His sheep and serve the one.”

Caricature drawing, photo booth, candy jar guesses, “Love Potion” and “Ring Before Spring” ring toss, “Shoot your Shot,” “Plenty of Fish in the Sea,” bean bag toss and Cupid’s target practice were all available games for participants.

Home Evening is held every Monday night from 7-9 p.m. in the Manwaring Center on campus. There will be no Home Evening activity Monday, Feb. 19 because of the celebration of President’s Day. The next Home Evening activity will be on Feb. 26 themed “White Out.”

All Home Evening activities on campus are free and available for any BYU-I student who would like to attend.

For more information on any activities held on campus, visit I-Belong.