Red and pink balloons are tied together in an arch. Red hearts are plastered everywhere, and the Student Life Employees all wear pink shirts to show that today is the day of love.

Thursday, BYU-Idaho Campus Life hosted the “Cupid’s Corner.”

Campus Life Events Team at the Cupid Corner

Campus Life Events Team at the Cupid Corner. Photo credit: Victoria Skalec

The event, which began in 2019, has become a yearly occurrence. Students could find the Corner at the Campus Life Involvement Desk in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center on the first floor, aimed to bring fun to all student’s day.

The event lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., where students stop in for different activities. Options included writing a Valentine’s card to someone you love, spinning the wheel to win a prize or picking up a Valentine-themed cookie.

Students stood in line to spin the wheel and hoped to win a prize. Prizes varied from candy to trivia to passes for school events like laser tag or country dancing or a Crumbl cookie.

Aubrey Pearson and Joely Weber at the Valentine’s Day card station

Aubrey Pearson and Joely Weber at the Valentine’s Day card station. Photo credit: Victoria Skalec

Grayson Johnson, a junior who has worked at Campus Life since last semester, helped prepare the event beforehand and during the event itself. Working for Campus Life has been his favorite job so far.

“We just wanted to bring some fun into Valentine’s Day, something really low-key as people walk through the hallways just to remember what day it is,” Grayson said. “(This event) has been planned since day one of the semester. We have been planning and working on it and it all just came together this morning.”

Cupid impersonated by Jordyn Papa

Cupid impersonated by Jordyn Papa. Photo credit: Victoria Skalec

Throughout the event, Campus Life gave away 300 Crumbl cookies and had a “Good Vibes” playlist playing. They also gave out Valentine’s Day cards to every student who came to the desk.

Jenna Janning, the director of Student Life and a senior also worked the event.

“My favorite part was getting to talk to all the people walking by and doing karaoke with my council,” Janning said.

Students loved the “Cupid’s Corner.” Aubrey Pearson came with one of her friends to spin the wheel and win a prize. She chose a Reese’s Cup for her prize.

Aubrey Pearson spinning the wheel and winning Candy.

Aubrey Pearson spinning the wheel and winning Candy. Photo credit: Victoria Skalec

“Cupids Corner was a fun way to feel involved at BYU-I,” Pearson said. “It was definitely fun to just see all the students participating and actually enjoy Valentine’s Day.”

The next big upcoming event from Campus Life is the Cultural Night at the beginning of March.

To find more information about this event and future events, check the website of Campus Life.