Campus Recreation Committee hosted the Winter 2024 Slam Dunk Competition on Friday in the John W. Hart Auditorium.

The slam dunk competition consisted of multiple activities including a skills challenge; rock, paper, scissors challenge; 3-point competition and the slam dunk competition. The event also included a performance from the school’s drum line and Proform Airborne, a local traveling jump rope team.

Sean Laughlin, the lead student over the event, said Campus Rec has been working on this event for almost two months.

Proform Airborne demonstrates double dutch tricks

Proform Airborne demonstrates double dutch tricks. Photo credit: Mattie Johnson

Before the event, slam dunk tryouts were held to ensure the audience would be entertained.

“I was looking for people that were extremely athletic and creative,” Laughlin said. “We also judge it off a power and just skill to being able to land the dunk itself.”

Laughlin said the most rewarding part of organizing the competition was seeing everyone working hard to put it together.

“The most rewarding part is just seeing (it) all come together and watching everyone do their job. And just everyone did such a good job,” Laughlin said. “AV crew lighting video, all of our volunteer’s gyms and all the coordinators that were involved. That was like super fun to watch it all come together.”

Tanner Buzard recognized as the nights winner.

Tanner Buzard recognized as the nights winner. Photo credit: Mattie Johnson

Laughlin said his favorite part of the event was the slam dunk portion.

“I think my favorite part was the dunk competition itself,” Laughlin said. “They really came out and performed really well this year. I was really proud of those guys.”

Tanner Buzard the Slam Dunk winner said he has been playing basketball since he was in junior high, and he loves getting the chance to dunk.

Tanner makes winning dunk

Tanner Buzard makes winning dunk. Photo credit: Mattie Johnson

“I just love dunkin’,” Buzard said. “I’ve been trying ever since I was like a freshman in high school, and I just love it.”

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