One student showed up at the campus recreation outdoor organization’s leather bracelet-making activity when it started at 6 p.m.

Ben Nussbaumer, a junior studying recreation management, showed up because he had on an old bracelet that needed replacing.

Nussbaumer has been wearing the same friendship bracelet for two years and decided it would be a good time to replace his old bracelet with a new leather one.

However, Nussbaumer wasn’t quite ready to ditch his old bracelet.

“This one won’t get off my wrist until this other one falls off,” said Nussbaumer. “It could be tomorrow or another two years.”

The campus recreation outdoor organization which hosted the event tries to hold events similar to the bracelet-making activity every couple of weeks.

“Our activities are really limited, so we try to create some extra opportunities for people,” said Whitney Raymond, a junior studying recreation management.

The bracelet-making activity Wednesday night was part of the “those who make” series put on by the organization.

Throughout the semester, students have been able to participate in hands-on activities that have allowed them to create outdoorsy-themed objects which include candles, copper jewelry and moccasins.

Although Nussbaumer was the only one at the event when it started, Raymond said that four additional students signed up to make bracelets.

“Well, we have some happy accidents,” Nussbaumer said when asked about how his bracelet was coming along.

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