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Campus tours available for admitted and prospective BYU-I students

It’s springtime in Rexburg, which means many high school seniors are making the choice to attend BYU-Idaho in the fall. To aid in this decision, the campus provides four types of free campus tours.

This includes tours for prospective students, tours for admitted students who have not yet begun classes, tours for the public and virtual tours. The program that specifically takes admitted students on tour is known as the Visit Day Ambassadors.

Once a student is admitted into BYU-I, he or she is invited to come and see the campus before beginning school by taking a Visit Day tour. Hundreds of students and their families come from all over the world to see the campus.

According to the email invitation sent to newly admitted students, “Personalized tours are a great way for your student to prepare for their first semester at BYU-Idaho.”

Tour guide Kelly Adams, a freshman majoring in general studies, agreed tours of campus are a great way to prepare to come to school.

“I’ve seen students be very unsure if (BYU-I) is a good fit for them, but by the end of the tour they are always excited to come here,” Adams said.

With COVID-19, tours for admitted students have become more limited. As a result, tours are only offered from 2–5 p.m. every weekday afternoon.

“Once the second week of March hit, we’ve been swamped,” said Taylor Marrott, a junior studying food science. “Most days my coworkers and I are giving three tours back to back. It’s exhausting, but we love it because we love BYU-Idaho.”

Adams said she has probably given 50 tours this semester. She, like her coworkers, is passionate about connecting with and helping current and prospective students and their families.

“Just recently I asked one of the students what they thought of BYU-Idaho,” said Mariah Richey, a sophomore studying recreation management. “They said that although the new experience made them a little nervous, the tour helped them remember that coming to college is just like the shift from middle school to high school; with time, they will adjust and come to love their new school and a new phase in life.”

Tour guides work to cater tours exactly to the needs of students, prospective students and their families.


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