The BYU-I Career Center welcomed nine different companies for their first Writing and Communication Career Fair on Wednesday from 12 4 p.m.

The companies in attendance were: Rexburg Free Clinic, Frozen Dessert Supplies, Adams Publishing Group, Sandhill Media Group, Idaho Falls Magazine, Idaho Falls Chukars Baseball, Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce, BYU-Pathway Worldwide and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Magazines.

All companies offered varying intern and full-time opportunities in marketing, advertising, news writing, event planning, broadcasting, public relations, digital media, social media and more.

Students networking with future employers

Students networking with future employers Photo credit: Dakotah Barclay

“We came to BYU-I because we’re obsessed with BYU-I students,” said Abby Cook, a representative of Frozen Dessert Supplies. “We’re really invested in building our employees and we know BYU-I has the same purpose. So we feel really connected with them.”

Frozen Dessert Supplies is currently offering many opportunities to market and advertise their company. They are currently looking to hire someone in marketing who would be in charge of copywriting and writing different press releases.

For those looking for news and journalism opportunities, the Adams Publishing Group has newspaper firms all over the country, including “The Post Register,” “The Herald Journal,” “Teton Valley News” and more.

There is a likelihood that students with an internship can receive a full-time position.

“We’ve had a student from University of Idaho who’s a senior this year,” said John Miller, a representative for Adams Publishing Group. “We’ve used her for two years now and if she’s available I’d love to have her full-time.”

Student at Church Magazine booth

Student at Church Magazine booth. Photo credit: Dakotah Barclay

For those who are looking for a lively bunch of individuals and desires to work to empower other students, Sandhill Media is a good option according to David Pruitt, a representative and digital director for Sandhill Media.

Pruitt explains that their internships follow a build-your-own style. He invites students to create their own goals, and the internship will cater to those goals.

“I like to inspire people to get to where they want to be, so I make the internship a stepping stone to get them to where they want to be,” Pruitt said.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is currently offering positions in multiple fields related to communication, writing and marketing.

“It is a major resume booster because you get published all the time writing articles … you publish to 60,000 students and 180 different countries, which is not something everybody can say,” said Natalia Downs, a representative for BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

Student at BYUI Pathways booth

Student at BYU-I Pathways booth. Photo credit: Dakotah Barclay

The Career Center will continue to host more career fairs in the future and encourages students to participate in any career preparation activities to promote their professional success.

Future events can be found on student Handshake accounts.