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Employees and residents react to Shamrock Shake

The famous Shamrock Shake makes its annual comeback.

Real estate company funds 371 homes in Shelley, Idaho

Many cities in eastern Idaho want students to stay in the area. Anderson Hicks Group is making that possible.

How do BYU-I students celebrate Mardi Gras and Carnival?

Mardi Gras and Carnival are even celebrated in Rexburg amongst BYU-Idaho students.

Vietnamese pho coming to Rexburg

A young married couple plans to open Kingdom of Pho, a new Vietnamese food shack.

2022’s American Dog Derby: The oldest All-American dog race

Mushers and their team of dogs make their way to Bear Gulch for the annual Dog Sledding Race.

Dog sledding champions are among us

Watch the race and listen to the riveting howls from the dogs of the oldest dog race in the country.

Caution: Another Rexburg winter

Rexburg winters can be rough. Snow, wind and ice cover the streets constantly. But don't worry — there is a method to overcome the madness.

The Romance Theater shares the love with a community valentine exchange

The Romance Theater hosts a community valentine exchange with a leave a note/take a note at the wall of mailboxes under the theater marquee.

BYU-I greenhouse supplies Rexburg with produce during winter

It's the middle of winter. You buy a salad in the Crossroads. Where did the tomato come from?

Make your own monster at the Idaho Art Lab

Learn to create professional-grade prosthetics at the Idaho Art Lab.

Requests for budget increases and grants given at Rexburg City Council

Rexburg City Council meetings are held every other Wednesday, and anyone may attend.

COVID-19 booster information and where to get it

The First Presidency and the school encourage students to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Shirley Weekes: ‘Be ye therefore perfect’

In her devotional message, Shirley Weekes spoke on perfection, the pressure that comes with it and how one may overcome it.

What would Rexburg look like without BYU-I?

Without BYU-Idaho and its students, the city of Rexburg would look a lot different.

Rapper Staz the Hokage takes on Rexburg

Staz the Hokage shares his love for hip-hop with Rexburg.

Flourish Point closes its doors

It's a new era for Rexburg's Flourish Point — on Dec. 1, the organization made the transition to a website-only resource.