Caution: Another Rexburg winter

Parking lot in Rexburg covered in snow. Photo credit: Emma Hyde

Many BYU-Idaho students have expressed concern and irritation with the snowplowing and road access throughout Rexburg during the snowy season. However, what many don’t understand is the magnitude of the task to plow and keep Rexburg roads clean. Snowplows provide a great service to the city of Rexburg. BYU-I has its own fleet of snowplows just to accommodate the near 23,000 students that attend classes in-person. Along with BYU-I plowing and the several snow removal companies hired by the city of Rexburg, there are numerous privately owned companies.

Jena, a resident of Rexburg, said the following on a Google review of one snowplowing company.

“I love to wake up to an already plowed driveway,” Jena said. “(It) makes getting to work and school so much easier.”

Scott Tremelling is an owner of a private snow plowing business, Rexburg Snow and Ice Control. Tremelling is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, where he plowed and shoveled snow for 22 years. In 2007, he and his wife decided to come to Rexburg with their three small children. Boston gets an average of 4 feet of snow in a year. Comparatively, Rexburg gets approximately 3.5 feet. Though they do not differ much, Tremelling pointed out a big difference. Since Rexburg is a college town, it is home to many inexperienced winter drivers. With the variety of drivers on the road, he offered a few simple suggestions.

“If you think about it from a personal responsibility standpoint, Rexburg is providing a service of clearing the snow off the roads for us,” Tremelling said. “But it is really our job to learn how to drive in the snow.”

Taking simple precautions such as building a safety kit, driving cautiously and defensively and yielding to snowplows will help Rexburg drive safer in the winter months. When on snowy roads it is always advised to slow down sooner and give yourself lots of time for turns.

Tremelling also commented on the importance of being prepared for any situation in snowy conditions. He suggested always having food and water in the vehicle. Having warm clothes and extra blankets also offers protection in the event of a vehicle sliding off the road or becoming stuck. For more information on winter safety, see this website.

“Why are the roads so terrible?” Tremelling said. “The roads are terrible because it snowed!”

When it comes to winter driving in Rexburg, the roads are bound to be a little rough.