BYU-Idaho’s Center Stage hosted Amy Grant on Friday at the BYU-Idaho Student Center.

Grant is a singer, songwriter, television personality and philanthropist. Grant is currently on tour. Tickets and future show dates can be found on her website.

“With three multi-platinum albums, six platinum albums and four gold albums, her total career album sales have exceeded 30 million and over 1 billion global streams,” according to Center Stage‘s About page. “Grant’s chart success has been consistent throughout her career with six No. 1 hits, 10 Top 40 pop singles, 17 Top 40 Adult Contemporary tracks and multiple Contemporary Christian chart-toppers. In addition to her six GRAMMY® Awards, Grant has earned 26 Dove Awards (including four Artist of the Year Awards) and has been awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as the Music City Walk of Fame and the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.”

Grant said that she has not made new music in over a decade and wanted Friday night to be an opportunity for people to walk down memory lane together and enjoy songs from the past.

Six-time Grammy award winner Amy Grant preforms in the BYU-Idaho Center during the winter 2024 semester.

Audience enjoys Amy Grant live. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

“Just the fact that you’re here tonight tells me something about our musical history because I haven’t done much new music in over a decade,” Grant said. So you must like old songs and that’s what we’re mostly going to do tonight.”

Grant said she loves how music feels in a big room full of people.

“This is a beautiful theater, it’s gorgeous,” Grant said. “This is like the biggest place I’ve sung in, in a while. I love how sound feels in a big room. It’s just all in us and through us and rattling our bones. That’s a good thing.”

Throughout the show, Grant spoke about her love for life, music and creativity.

“Time passes and you just have different things to do with your time and I find creativity in everything,” Grant said. “Creativity in how you make a pot of soup, creativity in what you do with way dirty hair and you’ve got to go someplace fancy. I mean, creativity is just laced into all of our lives in every way.”

Six-time Grammy award winner Amy Grant preforms in the BYU-Idaho Center during the winter 2024 semester.

Amy Grant sings for audience. Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

Dale Hillier is the Center Stage Event Coordinator and said one of his favorite parts of putting together Center Stage shows is bringing people together and seeing them leave happier than when they came in.

“I just like when a concert really works out well,” Hillier said. “They left happier, maybe more uplifted, maybe just that they had a fun evening with family and friends. Maybe in some small ways, they’re a better person.”

Hillier also loves the opportunity to reach out to people of other faiths and bring everyone together, building friendships.

“It’s about reaching out to our friends of all faiths and saying, Come to campus (at) BYUIdaho,” Hillier said. “We love to have you here for anything. And we might be sponsored by a different faith than you, but come enjoy. Let’s talk together let’s enjoy things together. Let’s be friends. Let’s value people for what their individual beliefs are, we have a lot in common. I mean, we’re Christians, and so let’s be Christ-like to one another.”

Six-time Grammy award winner Amy Grant preforms in the BYU-Idaho Center during the winter 2024 semester.

Amy Grant performs at BYU-Idaho Student Center Photo credit: BYU-Idaho

Hillier said he loves getting suggestions, especially from BYU-I students, for future Center Stage performances and would love for people to give him ideas.

“I can’t promise that I can bring what everybody wants, but I certainly will listen and take it very seriously. I really do want to know what people are interested in,” Hillier said. “I would say especially among the students, I really want to know. I am very interested and try to get a sense of what might have the greatest appeal to the greatest number of people.”