On Sept. 1, the Church Educational System announced that BYU-Pathway Worldwide, BYU-Idaho Online Learning and Ensign College will offer three-year degrees, beginning in April 2024.

The new program will allow online students to pursue 90-96 credit bachelor’s degrees, instead of the traditional 120 credits required to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The program eliminates elective courses but requires students to pursue all required major and general education courses.

The goal of Church-sponsored institutions is to make higher education more accessible to a worldwide audience. This new program will allow online students to save time and money.

“Our students balance many responsibilities and sacrifice a lot to earn an education,” said Brian K. Ashton, president of Pathway, on the college’s website. “These three-year degrees will help them graduate faster while fully preparing them to get a better job.”

The three-year degrees are only available for students enrolled in online programs at BYU-I and Ensign through Pathway. The 90-96 credit degrees are offered in the fields of business, communication, health, technology, family services and professional studies.

For more information about the new program, see the news release or Pathway’s website.