The City of Rexburg is planning to redevelop sections of downtown, specifically along South Center Street, College Avenue and Main.

Development is expected to begin as early as late summer, according to Scott Johnson, the city’s economic planner.

Rexburg City is currently considering developer’s applications to build. Hotel groups, retailers and restaurants have expressed interest.

“Downtown is a pretty fun, vibrant, little downtown, but it’s not as densely developed as it could be,” Johnson said.

Downtown Redevelopment Map and Key.

The city of Rexburg's proposed plans for downtown's redevelopment. Photo credit: Cat Menlove

The city will decide by the end of March what developers will take on the project.

Parking space is expected to increase by 10%. Some of it is currently under infrastructure and other areas are covered by snow, according to Johnson.

One major component in the proposed plan includes consolidating government buildings, such as the post office, and filling that area with BYU-Idaho-approved housing.

Rexburg post office

The Rexburg post office on South Center Street. Photo credit: Cat Menlove

The city had BYU-I students and professors in mind while creating the plans. Making the city center walkable is one of the city’s goals, according to its Strategic Vision and Development Blueprint.

The city also plans to construct more housing.

Intersection of Center and Main.

Intersection of Center and Main. Photo credit: Cat Menlove

Johnson explained that, while official tests by the city and developers are still forthcoming, they have heard from approximately four types of people who want housing downtown: single students, married students, older individuals who don’t want the upkeep of owning property and professors who desire to be within walking distance of campus.

Office space is also in major demand.

Bringing in businesses will draw amenities such as restaurants or entertainment centers and create more jobs in Rexburg, according to Johnson.

View down South Center Street.

View down South Center Street. Photo credit: Cat Menlove

This development will raise the property levels tax value, creating more revenue for the city that can be used for road maintenance or other needs.

This extra revenue is needed to support Rexburg’s growing population without raising taxes.

Rexburg was considered the fourth fastest-growing small city in America in a 2020 New York Times article based on census data.

More information will be available following the city’s developer selection in March.