Starting in Winter Semester 2018, the Department of Business Management will split into the Department of Finance, the Department of Management and the Department of Marketing.

According to BYU-Idaho Newsroom, members of the business department have discussed these changes since spring but officially approved them at the beginning of Fall Semester 2016.

Drew Eagar, chair of the Department of Marketing told BYU-I Newsroom this change was implemented to address concerns the administration had, including the high level of students dropping out of BYU-I before graduation.

“One benefit is students can decide if they really like marketing or not before it is too late to change,” Eagar told BYU-I Newsroom. “Another benefit is this allows them to gain employable skills earlier so they have the ability and confidence to get an internship even as freshmen or sophomores. This gives them a competitive advantage over their peers in other schools in competing for internships.”

The Department of Marketing will likely have three main career paths instead of emphases: digital marketing, professional sales and advertising.

BYU-I administration and business faculty members are still working to perfect the program and develop the curriculum.

Courses are still to be determined and the curriculum will be established during the next catalog year.

Faculty members in the Department of Marketing are now figuring out how to accommodate students completing an advertising emphasis through the Department of Communication and students who will begin through the new department.

“This department split kind of invigorated everyone,” Eager told BYU-I Newsroom. “Rather than about 30 of us in the department, there are only about 10 in each. Everyone feels responsible for getting things done and creating a great program. There’s a different energy level with the change, and I think it’s been very positive.”