Every year members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints travel to Utah for General Conference bringing with them their families to listen to the prophet.

Every year several of these viewers are between the ages of 7 and 18. Many parents have said that this is an important thing to start at a young age.

“I want them to remember how it feels so that they can have it deep in their hearts and have testimonies with deep roots,” said Brittany Nelson. “It’s important to us as a family it’s a big thing. We don’t take conference weekend off, we plan our lives around it.”

She came to Conference with two of her kids and her niece and nephew.

Many of these children were looking forward to sustaining the new prophet of the church, President Russell M. Nelson.


“I’m excited because the prophets are being sustained,” said Xander Nelson.

Xander Nelson and his cousins were bouncing around in line, waiting for the moment they could enter the conference center.

“It’s cool to learn and see the general authorities,” said Caroline Mckellar, a child excited to get into the conference center.

As her brother agreed with her, her cousin wanted to add something more.

“It’s cool because the two new apostles are getting sustained,” said Clark Nelson. “It’s exciting because I want to see how they do in their new calling.”