On Friday “A Walk in the Life of Christ” hosted in the Ezra Taft Benson Greenhouses, displayed artwork telling the story of Christ’s life.

The walk began with Christ’s birth and nativity scenes followed by the hall of miracles which led to the baptism room. More miracles led the way to the Atonement, Crucifixion and Resurrection artwork. The walk ended with refreshments in a classroom symbolizing the Second Coming.

An attendee walks by a painting of Christ and a floral arrangement in the greenhouse.

The Walk began with Christ's birth and progressed through His life. Photo credit: Emma Lines

“The whole flow of the event — how you went through the life of the Savior in the different rooms — really added to the experience and allowed you to process things slowly and made it super impactful,” said Sarah King, a junior studying accounting.

Mary holding baby Jesus with a floral arrangement of red flowers and white flowers.

A floral arrangement interprets a piece depicting Mary and Baby Jesus. Photo credit: Emma Lines

Ushers gave attendees red roses as they entered the Atonement room and white roses after the Resurrection room. Alma 39:3 was attached to the red roses, and Moses 1:39 was attached to the white roses.

A red rose and a white rose with two scriptures tied onto the stem.

Each attendee received two roses with scripture references. Photo credit: Emma Lines

Usher hands white rose to attendee.

Ushers handed attendees rose before entering the Atonement room and as they left the Resurrection room. Photo credit: Emma Lines

“All of the creative interpretations of the art made me think deeper about the actual art and what other meaning it has,” said Jocelyn Jenkins, a sophomore studying biology.

A painting of water turning into wine as it is poured into a bowl with a floral arrangement of blue and red flowers.

A floral interpretation of Christ turning the water into wine in the hall of miracles. Photo credit: Emma Lines

The floral interpretations often used white flowers to represent Christ and varied in size.

White tree with flowers changing shades as they move down the tree from white to peach to pink to red.

Floral interpretation of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. Photo credit: Emma Lines

“My favorite floral arrangement was the Crucifixion one,” said Aimee Lieber, a freshman studying allied health. “It was really beautiful.”