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Church releases new garment fabric for women

On Jan. 24, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a new garment fabric for women called the stretch cotton garment.

This new style features improvements such as “a redesigned sleeve to eliminate excess fabric under the arm, and customized fits for average or full bust and lower or natural waist,” according to LDS Living.

The fabric is 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex. This combination is more adaptable to different climates around the world and more comfortable for various body types, according to LDS Living.

“The design of the new Stretch Cotton garment is a direct response to customer feedback, and has been tested with more than 1,000 women around the world,” Angie White, garment product manager, told lds.org. “We’ve tried to address common concerns while enhancing features that sisters have requested.”

The stretch cotton garment style is available for purchase on Feb. 20, but women in Canada and the U.S. can pre-order them now, according to LDS Living.



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