In a meeting with county commissioners Dustin Parkinson and Brent Mendenhall on Wednesday, the city council discussed the use and maintenance of the Teton Lakes Golf Course, new city development for overpasses and fairgrounds and the Center for HOPE addiction recovery program that will be coming to Rexburg.

After meeting with the county commissioners, the regularly scheduled city council meeting convened. The council introduced Taggart Hartwig as the new manager of Rexburg Rapids and Kaleb Nordfelt was sworn into the Police Department as a new employee. In the meeting, the police department also announced various promotions and the city recognized Traffic and Safety Committee members for their work.

The council reviewed the transition of Rexburg’s website to a new hosting company, Apptegy, which would also include a new mobile app for the city.

Rexburg's city council meets with county commissioners.

Rexburg's city council meets with county commissioners. Photo credit: Gabe Mills

The meeting ended with a lengthy discussion on snow removal. As a part of the discussion, various Rexburg residents expressed their hope that the council would improve the city’s snow removal efforts.

Some ideas included studying other municipalities with similar problems in areas like North Dakota and Minnesota, changes in the allocation of money from the snow removal budget and reforming the two-inch policy.

“My job is to represent the residents and that’s what I hear more than anything else is that they have a concern about snow removal,” said Councilmember Bryanna Johnson, as she advocated for reforms in the city’s snow removal policies.

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