A fridge filled with food and an exciting dating life are college expectations that fell through for freshmen.

With the end of Fall Semester 2018 only a few weeks away, freshmen spoke on their expectations going into college and how they changed during the semester.

Here are some of those expectations:

1. Eating

expectations food

College students often shift diets when entering college.

For many freshmen, college is the first time they’re living away from home. Most of them are used to home-cooked meals provided by their parents or an abundance of food and ingredients to make their own meals.

Students eventually realize that having a five-star meal in college can be difficult. Most students are on tight budgets that force them to get less food that usually costs less.

2. School Work


The look of a student who has a 10-page paper due in three hours.

College is known to test time management and patience. One term paper could cause a student to fail their class.

Some classes can come with a significant amount of time-consuming work that requires hours of studying and homework. Some freshmen might expect to put fun ahead of school work and still be able to manage the two.

Trenton Kotter, a sophomore studying automotive engineering technology, spoke about his shock entering college as a freshmen.

“I thought I could mess around and still get work done,” Kotter said. “My classwork eventually became unmanageable.”

3. Dating


This guy could be out dating but decides to stay in and watch Netflix.

College is full of students from all over the country and even the world. This creates the opportunity to meet a diverse set of people.

Many students are eager to get out and start dating. An expectation here is that a large number of students means one will go on many dates.

Makenzie Christensen, a freshman studying biology, spoke on what she realized about dating in college.

“I thought people would be more social,” Christensen said. “I thought I would be on more dates, but I spend most of my time in my apartment.”

Dating requires people to be social and ask others. A large number of students doesn’t mean dating will come to anyone.

4. Sleep


One of the rare occasions a college student is pictured sleeping

Getting a healthy amount of sleep in college could be difficult depending on the amount of work someone has.

An expectation students have about college is that sleep will become non-existent. The reality is it all depends on the student’s habits and schedule.

There will be students who procrastinate and push work off until late at night or those who prefer to do it early. Occasionally, a student might end up studying late at night for a test.

Jared Pabawena, a freshman studying architecture, talked about his experience adjusting his sleep schedule.

“I didn’t really expect to get sleep,” Pabawena said, “I decided to take naps after my homework to make up for lost sleep.”

These common expectations are something most students think going into college.

Part of becoming a better student is learning the reality of these expectations and adjusting to them.