This coming spring semester, big changes are coming to the College of Business and Communication. The college has updated different departments and will put these changes into action.

The college contains three business departments:

  • The Department of Finance
  • The Department of Management
  • The Department of Marketing

The three departments began in winter 2018.

According to Michael Clark, chair of the Finance Department, BYU-Idaho’s Department of Business Management ceased to exist at the end of 2017 and these three have become the main departments.

“The biggest reason for the split was for growth. The department was bigger than BYU-Hawaii, and at some point it becomes unmanageable, so this is easier than to have one department serve all the students and faculty,” said Casey Hurley, chair of Management Department.

In spring, each department is gaining new emphases. The Department of Finance is adding business analytics, business finance and business supply chain.

Department of Management is adding business management and applied management. Applied management is only online.

The Department of Marketing is adding business management marketing. The advertising track in the communication degree is being moved to this section.

Each of the new degrees will require fewer credits compared to older degrees. The new degree requires 45 credits in the major, whereas the old degree required 54.

“I really like that the new degrees have less credit hour requirements and give more trust and agency to students to take more responsibility,” Hurley said.

Students will now have the opportunity to take additional classes and develop skill sets they can bring into the workforce.

Hurley said the biggest danger is if the students choose to not take responsibility for their classes, they will not able to take those additional skill sets into the workplace.

These degrees will be available for students at the beginning of spring semester.