Between the chaos of school, work and life, finding a date can seem challenging. Yet, the real challenge is crafting a perfect invitation.

Here are five ways to ask someone to date night.

1. Matchmaker or Blind Date

It is no secret that President and Sister Meredith met on a blind date.

Their story inspires a fresh perspective on blind dates. A critically important element in the blind date process is the mastermind behind it all — the matchmaker.

“I feel like blind dates are a good opportunity to meet people. If you’re set up on a blind date, a lot of the hard work has already been done for you,” said an anonymous student studying marketing at BYU-Idaho.

It can be exhilarating to be a matchmaker or a blind date attendee! And maybe, one’s story may unfold as did the tale of our beloved President and his wife.

2. Post-it Note Drop

An example note to drop on their book or table

An example note to drop on their book or table Photo credit: Marion Johnson

There are four key components to completing the Post-it note drop: a pen, a sticky note, a person of choice and courage!

Elise Forrester, a senior studying English, was studying in the library one day when she looked down and saw a note on one of her books, asking her if she would like to go on a date.

“I thought that was pretty unique,” said Forrester. “I’m glad I had that opportunity and that somebody was willing to do something different.”

The Post-it note drop is one way to elevate your approach. And, in the end, they will have a keepsake to remember the experience.

3. The Group Date Method

If the individual approach seems daunting, pulling up with a group of friends can be the solution. Group dates are rich in fun and low in stress.

Put together a group chat with any friends or potential crushes and type away! There is already a reason to get together, so there is no pressure.

“It’s fun, you know?” said Ali Dodgen, a student at BYU-I.

“It was a good time to hang out with everybody and talk about our interests,” Dodgen said, relating a positive group date experience.

Remember that the admissions price for date night is to come as a couple. Be sure to pair up the group evenly between girls and guys.

4. Pizza Delivery Style

Who can say no to pizza?

Who can say no to pizza? Photo credit: Marion Johnson

One may feel anticipation and excitement at the sound of a doorbell ringing or a knocking at the door when they’re expecting food, a package or person.

Whether it is someone familiar or new, the allure of a date accompanied by pizza can be convincing.

“I feel like that’s a creative way,” said Kaisë McLane, a senior studying illustration.

In response to McLane’s statement, Callie Stewart, a senior studying painting, said, “I’d probably say ‘yes’. I might think it’s a little bizarre at first, but who can say no to food? Right?”

The persuasive power of food drives a hard bargain when securing a date.

5. Mutual

The wonder of Mutual

The wonder of Mutual. Photo credit: Marion Johnson

For many students at BYU-I, Mutual is a dating app renowned for pairing users based on shared interests and characteristics.

After both individuals swipe up on each other, personal messaging becomes available for the pair to communicate. This is where the magic happens.

“I mean, most of the dates went pretty well. And although some don’t lead anywhere special, every once in a while, you’ll have someone that turns into something quite special to you,” said an anonymous student studying pre-nursing at BYU-I student.

As date night approaches, Mutual stands as an option to find that special someone.

Dating can be fun and uplifting. And, as the British education writer, William Edward Hickson, once said: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.”