An audience of students, alumni and parents enjoyed the Comic Frenzy improv performance that happened on Saturday.

Comic Frenzy featured creativity from both the audience and the actors. The show opened with “3rd Grade Throwdown,” a word-guessing game that left everyone in the room doubledover.

Other games included “Three Brooms,” “Word Association” and “Blind Lines” ended with an applauding and smiling audience. Kristen Thumstedter, studying computer science, enjoyed the show as well.

“It was entertaining to watch them play off of each other, interact, and show all of that emotion completely on the fly,” Thumstedter said.

Actors Mingle with Audience Post Performance

Actors mingle with audience post performance. Photo credit: Megan Royer

One of the improv performers, Andrew Sparks, had a lot to say about the art of improv.

“Improv is different every time. It’s fresh, new and surprising. But it’s also a test of wit and humor, and all sorts of things. It’s a challenge!” Sparks said.

The finale of the evening measured up to Spark’s description — a rapid-fire game where every actor was involved and each one had to stay on their toes. A scene would start, and when the word “freeze” was called, a different actor would jump in, regardless of the position performing actors were in.

With a final crescendo of applause, the actors showed themselves off of the stage and out of the room, where they waited to talk with audience members.

Comic Frenzy is not a one-and-done performance. Judy Wilkins, an influential faculty member for the theatre and dance department, said that Comic Frenzy will return on March 9 and April 5 at 7 p.m.