The Communication department is set to host their annual event, The Yarn, on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Manwaring Center room 372A.

Everyone is invited to a cozy night with selected readers from the communications department. Muffins and popcorn will be provided along with prizes that are available for all attendees. It is recommended for participants to wear their coziest sweaters.

A poster promoting the event that can be found around campus says that The Yarn is, “stories that tie us together.”

“It’s a good time,” said Stephen Henderson, professor in the Communication Department and founder of the event.

The Yarn is a showcase of memoir-style writing from students at BYU-Idaho. Each writing presentation is fairly “short, accessible and entertaining” according to Henderson.

Students’ pieces shared in the event are selected by their current professors or through an in-person voting system that takes place in the classroom.

According to Henderson, the main goal of the event is to make it like a “poetry slam vibe.”

A group from an event management class on campus was tasked to organize, plan and coordinate the event.

Ashlyn Sargent, a student and one of the coordinators of the event, is one of the many people who make The Yarn possible.

“Me and my group have been meeting in and out of class every week to make The Yarn happen,” said Sargent. “We have discussed budget, food, decorations, design work and all of the above, to make it the best event we can.”

Sargent went on to compliment her group.

“I really have an amazing group and we are all very motivated in wanting to make it the best event that we can, with limited resources,” said Sargent.