BYU-Idaho’s Computing Society, a student society focused on computer science, offers plenty of events geared to help students learn about technology and prepare for future careers.

“The society does different activities,” said William Clements, a computer science professor. “Every Wednesday, they meet together with all the teams, and they usually do some sort of activity with that. From 5:00 to 5:35, they then break out into individual mini societies or teams.”

Along with the Wednesday activities and forum speakers, the society puts on larger events throughout the year. They will be holding a Creative Works conference in July, as well as a Hackathon on Oct. 18 and 19.

The information for the Computing society's Discord

The information for the Computing society's Discord. Photo credit: William Clements

According to Clements, the society has a wide variety of teams and activities, all focusing on computers.

“Anything that has to do with computers we deal with …” Clements said. “So, we have cloud solutions, cyber data, games, Linux, mobile, web, drone. These are all individual teams.”

Clements explained that computer science helps people in two different ways — building a resume and understanding technology.

After the 5:00 meeting, the video game design team meets together.

After the 5:00 meeting, the video game design team meets together. Photo credit: Ryan Turner

“In my experience, anything that has to do with computers helps any major get a better job,” Clements said. “So to me, any type of computer skill that you pick up, from programming to applications to web to mobile, anything like that usually will leverage that better on your resume.”

Clements also emphasized how adapting to growing technology can help students develop essential skills, such as problem solving.

“(Technology) is moving at a fast pace, and those that know how to use the technology have an advantage at building better solutions to problems,” Clements said.

One of the many teams in the Computing society focuses on Data Science and AI after Wednesday's 5:00 meeting

One team in the Computing Society focuses on data science and AI, and meets after Wednesday's 5:00 meeting. Photo credit: William Clements

Most of all, Clements said that the computing society is meant to help students cultivate future careers in just about any field.

“I feel that computer literature helps with all the other domains out there,” Clements said. “We are trying to make sure our students are well prepared and employable for both their jobs and their careers.”

For more information on the computing society, visit their website. Weekly events are held Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. in the Science and Technology Center room 394.