Oscar once made fun of Angela because her boyfriend was only a state senator, a position that, according to Oscar, is utterly meaningless. Sorry to break it to you Oscar, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

State and local lawmakers hold a lot of power over each and every individual’s daily life, from the cost of groceries to one’s ability to defend one’s home and family.

Based on recent legislative sessions, it is clear the Idaho legislator has abandoned its conservative values.

Conservative students at BYU-Idaho, it is time to stand up and demand your values be represented by the legislature.

Don’t think you can’t make a stand. If you’ve lived in Idaho for at least 30 days, you can vote.

If so-called Idaho Republicans continue to sell out their values to the establishment, we need to vote their pompous backsides out of office in favor of actual conservatives who know who they work for.

In an attempt to protect the status quo and maintain politics as usual, Idaho legislators have continued to spend money like there’s no tomorrow, raise taxes and reject conservative policies.

This trend is not only centered around the legislature but around the governor’s office as well.

Following the minority opinion, Idaho Governor Butch Otter vetoed a highly favorable repeal of the Idaho grocery tax, a decision that has led to a lawsuit from some steadfast conservatives.

The justification for rejecting such a conservative policy? Grocery taxes are the most stable form of revenue for the state.

All that mattered was funding for the state, with no thought for its citizens who have to foot the bill.

Not only has this Legislature refused to cut taxes, they have even raised taxes in certain areas.

Not long ago, Idahoans were hit with a seven percent raise in gas taxes. The faulty bill was passed at 1:20 a.m.

Despite greater than projected increases in revenue, the legislature has kept the state indebted to the federal government. Just this year, Idaho had cut down its $900 million debt in garvee bonds owed to the federal government down to $500 million. In this legislative session, they took out another $300 million GARVEE bond loan, raising the debt close to where it was originally.

The kicker is, this year’s surplus in state revenue would have been sufficient to cover the financial need without any assistance from the federal government.


If so-called Idaho Republicans continue to sell out their values to the establishment, we need to vote their pompous backsides out of office in favor of actual conservatives who know who they work for.

The amount of reckless, thoughtless spending going on in Boise is unacceptable. But so far, they are able to get away with it because many Idahoans continue to simply toe party lines in defense of the establishment. Idahoans need to wake up to what’s going on in Boise.

A huge portion of Idaho’s state funding goes to education. Seems like a good thing, right? Instead of sending that money to teachers, the people who actually influence student success, the money goes to more and more programs that inhibit teachers from actually teaching.

The Republican establishment controlling Idaho politics seems unable to give individuals the dignity of making their own decisions. Not when it comes to education. Not when it comes to putting things into one’s own body. And especially not when it comes to home defense.

This legislature can’t even allow individual school districts to make their own choices in what kind of electives should be taught.

A bill simply allowing the option of creating a gun safety class as an elective was just too heinous to be allowed in a society where gun ownership is a predominant part of its culture.

And when parents decide they want their children to have the option to attend something other than public schools, the legislature has taken it upon themselves to ensure that parents can’t spend their money on religious schools. Or such is the excuse for not allowing greater school choice in Idaho.

To allow such a policy could mean parents send their children and their money to religious schools. To this faux conservative legislature, that is something that cannot be allowed.

If parents are too stupid to be allowed to make their own choices about their children’s education, plain old adults are definitely too stupid to be allowed to decide what goes into their or their children’s bodies.

A bill to legalize the use of cannabis oil for healthcare never even made it out of committee.

When it comes to deciding whether or not to vaccinate, this legislature believes those who choose not to are fair game for discrimination.

This proves how incredibly out of touch our legislature is.

They can’t even protect individuals for protecting their own homes.

A bill adopting the Castle Doctrine, which protects homeowners from prosecution for using force to protect their homes, their property and their families, was shot down.

It is time to end politics as usual in Boise. Politicians need to stop toeing party lines or get out. True conservative Idahoans will no longer tolerate the absurd lack of conservative values in their politicians.

You as students in Idaho are not immune to the incompetence in Boise. The decisions made there, overtly or not, affect you on a daily basis. It’s time to wake up and make your voice heard.