The BYU Cougars fell 82-66 on the road against the Oklahoma Sooners on Tuesday.

With the loss, BYU’s record fell to 4-5 in conference, 16-6 overall.

Following the loss, here are three stories from the Cougars showdown with the Sooners.

Underperforming stars

Put frankly, BYU’s stars did not play well enough to win the game on Tuesday.

Jaxson Robinson averages 13.8 points per game, and he scored eight points. Trevin Knell averages 11.8 points per game and he did not tally any points. Noah Waterman averages 10.6 points per game and he chipped in three points. With all three of these players putting up points well below their season averages, BYU is hard-set to win any game.

The difference between playing in the Big 12 and the West Coast Conference is that a team needs to bring their A-game if they are going to win. The Cougars brought their B-game on Tuesday. Last season, that may have been good enough to win, but not now. Winning basketball games is hard in the Big 12, and Tuesday was another example of that.

Cougars fans should not panic after this loss. It is rare to have a game when all three of these players are cold. Tuesday was their first time in nine conference games that all three players failed to put up ten points in the same game. Expect these three to bounce back.

Lesson learned though. These three players cannot go cold at the same time.

Lack of offense

The Cougars shot 23-for-64 from the floor, which was good enough for 35.9%. On average, they shoot 47.9%.

BYU’s offense averages 84.4 points per game. They put up just 66 points on Tuesday.

From three-point range, BYU shot 30.8%. This season, they have been shooting 36.4%.

Typically, BYU makes 12.1 threes per game. Their team made eight on Tuesday.

On average, the Cougars connect for 20.1 assists per game. They combined for 12 assists against Oklahoma.

The Cougars’ offense simply underperformed against Oklahoma. When all of these statistics combine in this way, it is hard to believe that any team is going to overcome their struggles in a game.

These numbers are likely to return to normal when the Cougars take on the Kansas State Wildcats on Saturday. The improved performances of Robinson, Knell and Waterman are sure to help these numbers bounce back.

Fouse and Dallin play well again

Coming out of the West Virginia University game, Dallin Hall and Fousseyni Traore were two of the Cougars’ most notable players. This was once again the case on Tuesday.

Traore put up 21 points and five rebounds against the Sooners. Well above his average of 9.6 points per game and 4.6 rebounds per game. In the absence of Aly Khalifa, Traore has risen to the occasion and seized the opportunity for more playing time.

Hall piled on 17 points, three rebounds and five assists on Tuesday. This season, Hall has averaged nine points per game.

With 3:59 remaining in the game, the Cougars found themselves only down 67-61. While Robinson, Knell and Waterman underachieved, Traore and Hall gave their team a chance to win this game.

BYU has the potential to make a run in the NCAA tournament. They have the offense that can keep them in any game. On Tuesday, Hall and Traore provided a large amount of that offense. If they can continue to have similar production, along with normal production from their other teammates, BYU will become even more lethal offensively.

Moving on

The Cougars will be tasked with rebounding from this loss when they welcome Kansas State to the Marriott Center on Saturday.

The Wildcats are coming off of a thrilling overtime victory over their rivals, the University of Kansas Jayhawks, on Monday.

Saturday’s game will tipoff at 8 p.m. and fans will be able to watch the game on ESPN2.