“These are our talents, look at them,” said Itavi Stearns, the marketing chair and social media director for BYU-Idaho’s Dec. 9 fashion show. “… And we want to celebrate our program, and we would love all of campus to be a part of our celebration.”

The fashion show next Saturday will provide an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity.

“Creativity is so important because I think it’s the tool that can change your life,” Stearns said. “Creative thought, planning and hard work can take you from where you are as a student now, to your future.”

Grace Allred, an apparel design student, is showcasing her work in the show. Allred is using her creativity to design a unique line with personal significance to her after a recent trip to Korea.

“While I was on my trip, I kind of just observed the style that I saw, and made my line collection based off of the different aesthetics I saw,” Allred said.

Some of the designs and color palettes from Allred's collection.

Some of the designs and color palettes from Allred's collection. Photo credit: Gabe Mills

She was impressed by the quality of men’s fashion in Korea and the modesty in women’s fashion.

“When it comes to women’s fashion, they dress very modestly there,” Allred said. “And they actually make it in a way that’s very stylish and cute … I haven’t found a ton of fashion icons that dress modestly but also very stylish, so it was really appealing to me to see that.”

Inspiration wasn’t the only thing Allred brought back. While in Korea, she purchased the fabric she is using in her line.

“Be okay with letting your unique style show through in your work, because that’s what people want to see,” Allred said.

As designers prepare their work for the show, Allred shared the importance of creativity and fashion in her own life.

“Whenever I’m feeling down, I think making something that other people will find beautiful and uplifting helps me the most,” Allred said.

The show will take place in the John W. Hart Auditorium on Dec. 9 at 3 p.m.