Cultures from all over the world merged in the Hinckley on May 7 for the Student Association Kickoff. Student Associations is a chance for students to build relationships through activities and service.  Students are welcome to join any association regardless of cultural background or ethnicity.

“I was really eager to join all these different clubs,” said Amy Salas, a freshman studying psychology. “I joined the French Society, the Polynesian Association, the Russian Association. I’ve actually joined a lot of these different associations because I’m really interested in learning about all of the different diversity we have here on campus.”

Students have the opportunity to form bonds by connecting to others with similar and different backgrounds.

“I like experiencing other cultures. I always like to make new friends from other cultures too,” said Abraham Safo Bediako, a sophomore studying biology. Safo Bediako comes all the way from Ghana.

Reinan Lima, a junior studying political science, is the president of the Brazil Association. Lima said, “The best is being able to help others, to get to know more about, for example in my case, Brazil. And they also can, how can I say that, experience again the things they lived when they were missionaries, when they lived in Brazil, or those who have never been there before, but they’re like, ‘you know what? I’d like to know more about Brazil.'”

So what happens after the Student Association Kickoff?

“For Brazil, you always need to have lots of music, and lots of food, so that’s for sure part of it,” said Lima. “So it’s pretty much more like a social. We’re not going to do those crazy Brazilian parties for example, right? We’re going to keep it cool. So it’s kind of like more socializing, get to know each other.”

You can still join and association even if you missed the kickoff. To find out more, visit