What you need to know about the Dance Society

Seniors, Caitlyn Phelps, Bethany Davis move their bodies to the music with junior, Emily Conger. Photo credit: Lauren Alvarez

Brother Larson, the department chair of the Dance Department, was wanting a society in the dance department that involved the students more. Dance society consists of students who seek additional knowledge about the art form and explore in-depth different aspects of movement.

“Larson wanted a representation for the student body to connect with the faculty to plan activities,” said Davis. She joined when the society asked for volunteers in January 2017.

“All of the members became like family and I’ve been on the council ever since,” Davis said.

The goal of this society is to provide extracurricular activities for students and is open to any student with a passion for dancing or movement. Emily Conger, a junior studying dance, serves as the Dance Society president.

“Whatever can supplement what we’re learning, that’s the goal,” Conger said.

Conger has been participating in this society for two semesters. She first started when someone asked her to help with their alumni banquet.

“Since then I’ve just been helping out. Now Bethany is getting ready to graduate, so I’m trying to fill in,” Conger said.

The purpose of this society is not just about dancing. They further their knowledge and skills that will assist in improving their technique and movement.

Conger and Davis gear their meeting activities toward the students’ needs.

“If people want to learn how to tumble then we put on a tumbling workshop,” Conger said.

For one of their meetings, they went to a cadaver lab and found the muscles that they’ve been focusing on the past couple of weeks. Another time, a dance therapist came in and gave a lecture about what she does for a living. She also gave information about possible schooling and career opportunities.

According to byui.edu, the dance department has four full-time faculty members and 14 adjunct teachers with over 200 students in the program. Conger said the society teaches skills the faculty doesn’t have time to cover.

Dance Society gives students opportunities to decide on their path after graduation. The activities this society provides include various directions dance majors could take.

These directions refer to the certification required for specific fields of study, such as dance therapy.

Dance Society brings in professionals from various fields of dance to teach students about their professions. They teach students the prerequisites and qualifications needed for their job.

“What I love most about this society is how I have the opportunity to work with both students and faculty,” Davis said. “It has helped me get to know my department and the program so well and has really given me an opportunity to step into my greatness as a leader.”

The society meets on Saturdays. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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