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On May 10, students at BYU-Idaho danced for a large audience in the Eliza R. Snow building at 7:30 p.m. The show is called Dichotomy; a routine created and directed by two professors, Ashley Storm and Joy Esplin.

Dance is a way individuals express themselves through feeling and emotion. Its purpose is either to explain a story or entertain. The range goes from ballroom dancing, all the way to tap dancing. However, the purpose of Dichotomy was different.

One of the performers, Caitlyn Phelps, a senior studying dance, said the purpose of the show was to resemble the different truths thought a persons life.

“Sometimes it’s a push and pull between what’s right and wrong and I think in the end we can all find an absolute truth wherever we are,” Phelps said.

The performers met twice a week and practiced two hours each session. It took four months for the performance to be ready.

Another performer, Michela Melone, a senior studying dance, explained that dancing requires hard work.

Some of the performers have been practicing most of their lives, as dance is their passion. They devote the majority of their free time to dancing. To them, dancing is something much more than movement.

“It’s not just visual, but you actually get to feel and think and move. Like it’s all different skills put together,” Melone said. “It’s a complete experience for me.”

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