Around 7,000 students streamed into the BYU-Idaho Center on Wednesday evening to listen to President Alvin F. Meredith III and Sister Jennifer Meredith’s advice on dating as a single, engaged or married individuals.

President and Sister Meredith’s expectations were far exceeded as they planned for about 4,000 students to attend.

“We loved the attendance,” President Meredith said. “We loved the spirit that people brought.”

The audience was able to listen to personal stories from the Merediths love story. Photos, videos and messages from Apostles were all part of the Merediths message.

Date Idea brainstorming with the Merediths

Date Idea brainstorming with the Merediths Photo credit: Chester Chan

“A date must pass the test of three keys, right?” President Meredith said, as he defined dating. “Planned, paid for and paired off … It should be fun, relaxed and (an) easy way to get to know people in a very safe way.

Alli Whiting, who attended the Date Night with her husband of one year, loved the advice directed towards married couples.

“Keep going on dates. Keep the temple a main priority, but not your only. Keep dating even in marriage, and I mean their marriage is a great example,” Whiting said.

After a 35-minute conversation about dating advice, all of the couples left the auditorium to taste the Merediths’ favorite ice-cream flavors. Multiple stations with volunteers were set around the corridors and hallways of the BYU-Idaho Center to give every student the chance to try some ice cream.

Due to the high attendance of students wanting to try the ice cream, all buckets were empty within 15 minutes, leaving many students without a sweet treat.

Ice Cream station at Date Night

Ice Cream station at Date Night. Photo credit: Chester Chan

Katelyn Rusch, a volunteer distributing ice cream, was invited to assist in serving the students.

“We were so happy to see even more people than what we planned,” Rusch said. “We even ran out of ice cream which I know disappointed many students, but it was an amazing turnout.”

After the event, President and Sister Meredith wanted to make up for not having enough ice cream for everyone that came, so they will be serving ice cream to students after devotional on Tuesday.

A highlight of the event for many attendees was playing pickleball with the Merediths, although only a select few couples were able to play due to the high demand.

Sister and President Meredith showing off their teamwork

Sister and President Meredith showing off their teamwork Photo credit: Chester Chan

Along with other students and faculty, Whiting supported the Merediths from the front row. She was impressed by how well President and Sister Meredith played.

“They were dominating these students,” Whiting said. “They were really good! Basically winning every single point.”

President Meredith concentrated on the pickleball matc

President Meredith concentrated on the pickleball match. Photo credit: Chester Chan

Other than sports, attendees were encouraged to explore a variety of activities offered at the event. Just Dance, karaoke, bowling, painting, playing board games and country dancing were just a few of the many options available.

Audrey Anderson, who was on a first date, tried out most of the activities but had a clear favorite next to the advice given from the Merediths — painting at the Crossroads.

“We were able to be creative and silly while not paying for it,” Anderson said.

Karaoke at the Crossroads

Karaoke was one of the activities offered at the Crossroads. Photo credit: Chester Chan

Additionally, the date night provided resource info booths with flyers and staff to inform students about upcoming dating and marriage advice workshops.

President Meredith and Sister Meredith are grateful for all those who attended.

“We just hope that people feel like, ‘this is something I want to participate in, I want to date, I want to have fun and wholesome activities,’” Sister Meredith said.

Presidents Meredith added a promise to continue to provide engaging campus events.

“We will keep teaching the pattern and continue to provide opportunities for students to have fun.”

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